Gastein Healing Gallery Therapy & Health Center

A person’s good health is their most valuable possession. As Arthur Schopenhauer once wisely stated:

“Health is certainly not everything, but without health everything is nothing.”

Which is why, at our health center for radon therapy – located in Austria’s Gastein Valley – we offer you a holistic therapy concept aimed at activating your natural self-healing powers. The foremost goal of this unique form of natural treatment, found only here in the heart of the Hohe Tauern mountains in Salzburger Land,  is to relieve chronic pain and thus substantially improve the quality of life.

Living pain free, naturally: Radon as the basis for therapy and rehabilitation

Icon Kurantrag Patientenservice FrauThe focal point for treatment programs in Gastein is Healing Gallery Therapy, which involves sessions spent inside a warm tunnel deep within the mountain: A combination of naturally elevated radon levels, heat and humidity makes therapies centered on the Gastein Healing Gallery one of the most intensive and effective forms of treatment available in the Gastein Region. Especially in the treatment of complaints affecting the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory passages and the skin, this alternative form of treatment has been employed successfully for decades. The success rate for some symptomologies actually approaches 90 percent.

What are the effects of the natural healing climate of the gallery?

Icon WirkungFound nowhere else in the world, by stimulating absorption of the radon through respiratory passages and the surface of the skin, the warm radon climate in the Gastein Healing Gallery stimulates the body’s own cell metabolism. Messenger substances which promote healing and reduce inflammation are activated. The immune system is also positively influenced: the previously degraded activity of immune cells is restored to normal and the production of radical inhibitors is increased. As a consequence, free radicals (=destructive metabolic products, which play a significant role in rheumatic processes, for example) are made harmless and the cell repair mechanisms of the body are stimulated.

Healing effects have been proven by numerous studies

The effectiveness of Healing Gallery Therapy has been the subject of scientific research since 1946. In numerous studies, conducted in close scientific collaboration with the Gastein Research Institute, the benefits of Healing Gallery Therapy have been confirmed and highlight the following benefits:

  • sustained relief of chronic pain (as much as 9 months)
  • sustained reduction in inflammation
  • significantly reduced need for medications (as much as 1 year)
  • successful stabilization of the immune system
  • relaxation and stress relief.

“A positive biological reaction after Healing Gallery Therapy is unambiguously measurable”, says university professor Dr. Markus Ritter, head of the Gastein Research Institute.

Icon InformationWhich is why Gastein Healing Gallery Therapy is also recognized by Austrian and German social insurance providers.

Use our website to learn more about our treatment concept and our various therapy offers. We look forward to presenting to you Gastein Valley’s unique form of radon-heat therapy.