The healing climate in the Gastein Healing Gallery is unique worldwide: Why?

The secret of the special healing climate deep within the Radhausberg in Gastein is based upon the unique combination of the following factors:

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  • Natural radon content of 44kBq/m³
  • Warmth from 37-41,5° Celsius
  • Humidy from 70-100%
  • Alpine elevation at 1.270m above sea level


Warmth, radon absorption through the lungs and skin, and therapy administered inside a mine gallery result in additional and long-lasting therapeutic effects. To see what disease patterns benefit the most from radon-heat therapy, please read here.

Live pain free, naturally: Radon as a form of therapy?

Radon-222 is mildly radioactive, which is the basis for its use as a form of therapy. As it decays, it releases high-energy alpha radiation which, even in very small doses, produces therapeutic effects.

How was this natural healing climate created?

At the end of the Ice Age, immense quantities of water from snowmelt seeped down through unmineralized fissures. Slowly, they saturated the thick 3,000-meter layer of gneiss, warmed up and formed great reservoirs of thermal water. This hot water once again ascended, and is it did so became enriched with radium, fluorine and chromium. The radium dissolved in the water decays further into radon, and the steam containing the radon filters through the fissures into the gallery, warming it up to around 40°C.

The Gastein Healing Gallery was discovered around 65 years ago – since then, its healing climate has been used very successfully in the treatment of rheumatic complaints.

Scientifically proven in numerous studies

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Several controlled studies, conducted in cooperation with the Gastein Research Institute and others, have documented the effects of Healing Gallery Therapy:

It is possible to achieve pain relief lasting up to nine months and reduce the need for medications for as much as one year. Regular repetitions of therapy reduce the intake of pain medications in the long term and significantly improve the quality of life.