Gastein Healing Gallery Therapy Concept

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Pain relief, active and passive physical therapies, information

Our therapy- and rehabilitation program comprises much more than the pain therapy, inflammation reduction and immune stabilization which can be achieved by sessions in the Healing Gallery. These 3 areas of therapeutic focus, at the heart of which is Healing Gallery therapy, are in fact rooted in a holistic health approach:

Exercise, Relaxation, Medical and therapeutic expertise

Together with you, our specialized team of physicians and therapists will design a personal treatment concept based on current medical knowledge as well as their own expertise and a holistic philosophy. Academic medicine and naturopathy complement one another perfectly in our extensive selection of physical-therapy programs. Effective pain relief and functional improvement are the first step towards a healthier life. Building upon this, you will strengthen your body in the long term through targeted exercise. Our therapy team offers you specific treatments including manual and osteopathic techniques such as stretching, position- and breathing exercises. Customized sports therapy, such as Nordic walking, therapeutic climbing and muscle-building equipment, enhance the program, as do relaxation techniques. Outdoor exercise amid the spectacular nature and alpine elevations of Gastein Valley will add to the invigorating benefits you feel.

Alleviation of pain

Radon, warmth and high humidity. The combination of these three contributory factors, all of which you encounter deep within the Radhausberg, produces a healing climate that is unique worldwide. You will achieve long-term success in coping with disorders of the musculoskeletal system as well as skin- and respiratory complaints. Additionally, your immune system is stabilized. Sustained pain relief and significant reduction in the need for medication have been scientifically proven.

Expert for your own body

Put more life into your years. Our services are especially beneficial if you are looking to modify your lifestyle through increased physical activity, simultaneously optimizing your ability to cope with the disease which is affecting you. Through personal recommendations from our doctors and therapists, as well as smallgroup programs, you will gain more knowledge about important aspects of your disease: its cause, progress, treatment, symptom-specific lifestyle questions, avoiding complications, dealing with pain, limitations in daily life etc. True to the idea of « Helping you help yourself », you will take a giant step forward towards greater personal responsibility, greater expertise and better self-management. Discover your inner strength and thus a new balance between body, mind and soul.