Therapy Sessions in the Gastein Healing Gallery

The Gastein Healing Gallery offers therapy sessions at set times throughout the day: first sessions begin at 8 and 10 in the morning, then at 12 and 2 p.m., with an extra one added during high season (August to October) at 4 p.m.

Sequence of therapy sessions in the Healing Gallery:

From medical check-up to post-treatment relaxation

  • Prior to the first session, please register at the reception area of the Kurhaus.
  • After you have been examined by a doctor from our health center (or if you were previously given a check-up by a referring physician), you will be assigned a cubicle in our changing room.
  • Please bring along your own towel, spa robe, swimsuit and bathing slippers. All of these items can also be borrowed from us for an additional charge.
  • We also recommend that you drink ½ liter of water up to about 30 minutes before commencement of your therapy session.
  • Before your first session, you will take part in an introductory talk about Healing Gallery Therapy. There you will be informed about all phases of your treatment inside the Gallery.

Train Ride into the Healing Gallery

Afterwards, you will take a 2 km train ride into the mountain, where the therapy begins. You will spend a total of around 60 minutes in the therapy area, where men and women are kept separate.

Every course of Healing Gallery Therapy begins at Station I (37 °C with a relative humidity of ca. 70%). If your physical condition and the doctor permit it, in subsequent therapy sessions you will be allowed to change to stations with progressively higher temperatures and humidity. Every session is accompanied by medical and technical staff.

Rest phases enhance therapy success

Allow your body time to acclimatize and, after therapy, avoid unnecessary additional physical exertion. After your therapy session, our doctors recommend a rest phase of ca. 30 minutes spent in one of the health center’s relaxation rooms. Don’t rush yourself. Treat yourself to this extra quiet time… which will also help activate your body’s own self-healing powers.

Disabled-friendly access

Our entire health centre offers disabled-friendly access. We will also be pleased to offer you help with your mobility. You will enter the gallery in the couchette and are assisted on and off the train.

Informational video for your first therapy session

Gastein Healing Gallery – info video for first-time patients


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