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Welcome to the Gastein Heilstollen. This video gives you a brief overview of the entire therapy process, as well as important medical information and safety tips.

A doctor from the Gastein Heilstollen will come for you here in the medical waiting room. You will then receive a medical check-up, and be able to discuss all of your questions relating to the therapy process and your personal medical condition. If, for medical reasons, you need additional physical support (e.g. knee rolls, neck rolls, seating pads) for the therapy session, or if you use hormone or pain patches, please let the doctor who is examining you know.

At the outset of therapy, please make appointments  at  the medical reception for progress check-ups during the treatment program, as well as for your final consultation. These appointments are already included in the therapy price. In order to set up your appointment, please use your personal  medical appointment card, which you received at your first check-up. In our patient and therapy guidebook, which you received at the medical reception, you will be able to browse the same information presented in this video.  Up to 30 minutes before entering the galleries, consume plenty of fluids – i.e. at least  ½ liter, preferably fruit juice or water.

After completing your medical check-up, please go to the 1st-floor changing rooms. There you will receive a key for a changing cubicle or locker, and a pin for you to wear during the ride in. Please attach it to your spa robe. For the therapy session you will need a swimsuit, spa robe, slippers and a small towel. Please do not bring any other objects into the gallery, other than if necessary for specific medical reasons.

Once you have changed, take a seat in the group-assignment room on the 1st floor, 20 minutes before you are due to enter the gallery. There you will be informed about the therapy process and safety rules you will need to follow; patients are also assigned to different therapy stations. You will be called up by name, and you will spend today’s session (assuming no exception has been made due to your medical check-up) at Station 1. After your name has been called, proceed to the ground floor and the entrance to the train station. There you will return the pin you were given in the changing area, and will receive a towel to lie on once you are in the therapy area of the Heilstollen. Take the towel and board the train. For Station 1, we advise taking a seat in the middle of the train, since it will shorten your walk to the therapy area. The first compartment of the train must be kept vacant.

If you will be entering the galleries in a couchette carriage, please be at the entrance to the waiting area for couchette patients on the ground floor 15-20 minutes prior to the session.  There you will be met by our staff, who will then help you board the carriage. During the train ride, please keep the doors closed, and do not stick anything outside of the moving train. If you need medical assistance, press the emergency call button located next to the roof lights in the train. A medical staff member will be present for the full duration of your visit to the gallery.

You will spend your first session at Station 1. For subsequent treatments, you may be assigned to higher stations. The radon concentration is the same at all stations. Adhere to the sequence of stations from 1 to 4, unless the doctor makes an exception. Therapy Station 1 is the last stop on the ride in, and will be announced clearly. Please exit there, and enter the gallery as directed. Find a vacant bed, spread out your towel, the height of the head support is adjustable. Your stay in the therapy area lasts about 60 minutes, during which time you must maintain complete silence. Please follow instructions given to you by staff. While therapy is in progress, on-station medical staff will monitor how you are doing. If you should need medical assistance during your stay in the gallery, please press the emergency call button located next to every 3rd or 4th bed. Emergency toilets are also located in the therapy area.

Medical staff will inform you when the train is about to pick you up at your station. Remain seated on your bed, so as not to overtax your cardiovascular system. When the train has come to a complete stop at your station, leave the therapy area and board the train. Please don‘t forget anything in the therapy area, and please do not put on your spa robe just yet. You will continue sweating a little more during your ride to the spa-robe station. Once there, exit the train, dry off, and put your spa robe back on.

When you arrive at the train station, get off the train. Please toss your towels in the receptacle located at the station exit. Take advantage of the relaxation rooms located on the upper floors. The men’s are on the 1st floor and the ladies‘ on the 2nd floor. You can use them to recuperate for 30 minutes. If you are going to receive a therapy treatment after the session in the galleries, please proceed to the therapy department on the 3rd floor – once therapy is over, a relaxation room will be available to you. For information, please stop by the 1st-floor changing rooms. Ideally, you will wait 3 hours between the gallery session and your first shower, since the climate of the Heilstollen will continue to have positive effects on your skin. After each session, please do not forget to return your keys and any bathing items you happen to have borrowed, at the changing rooms. For subsequent treatment sessions, you will need your patient card, which you should have stamped at the ticket desk prior to every gallery session. The rest of the process (changing rooms, assignment to therapy stations etc.) will remain unchanged.

During the therapy program, if you have any questions or unwanted reactions, please contact our medical reception. They will be glad to set up a medical appointment on your behalf. We wish you a pleasant, recuperative visit to our health center, and wish you nothing but success in your course of therapy!