Prices & Packages

Icon FrauDownload our actual prices of sessions in the healing galleries, physical treatments and massages as well as packages: Heilstollen Prices & Packages 2023

Prices include:

  • Initial medical examination and prescription, and, depending on length of stay, additional consultations during and at the conclusion of treatment
  • Treatment plan
  • Medical supervision during therapy sessions
  • Towels to lie on during your stay in the treatment area
  • Resting time of 30 minutes in our relaxation rooms after the session.

In the event that your medical examination is carried out by a Gasteinspa physician and not at our health center, we do grant a discount on the above therapy prices.

You are interested in therapy sessions at the Gasteiner Heilstollen? Send us your General Inquiry », we will be happy to be in contact with you!

Sessions in the healing galleries are at the heart of the Heilstollen treatment

Icon InformationDepending on the symptomatology of the ailment, physicians recommend a treatment program lasting between 2 and 4 weeks. Three to four sessions in the healing galleries are possible each week. Patients must keep in mind that after one to two sessions in the galleries, they must take a break for one day before re-entering.
The time required for the first session in the healing galleries, including the initial medical examination and rest, is approximately 4 hours, while the subsequent sessions will take approx. 3 hours

Prices 16th January - 24th November 2023

Number of sessionsPrice Total
1st session83,70
2nd session83,70167,40
3rd session83,70251,10
4th session83,70334,80
5th session81,70416,50
6th session81,70498,20
7th session80,10578,30
8th session80,10658,40
9th session75,90734,30
10th session58,80793,10
Each additional session58,80
First session for new guests (Introductory offer)67,00

Off-season discount

Icon Kurantrag PatientenserviceValid from 27.03. – 12.05. and 30.10. – 24.11.2023
During these time periods, special pricing is offered for Heilstollen visits (8 sessions or more).
For further information, please contact us!
8  sessions 615,30 instead of 658,40
10 sessions 731,60 instead of 793,10
12 sessions 850,60 instead of 910,70