Radon as a form of medical therapy

Radon-222 is mildly radioactive, which is the basis for its use as a form of medical therapy. As it decays, it releases high-energy alpha radiation which, even in low doses, has therapeutic benefits. True to the following dictum:

« All things are poison and nothing is without poison;
only the dosage makes a thing not poison. »
(Paracelsus: Septem Defensiones, 1538. Collected Works Vol. 2, Darmstadt 1965, p. 510)

How high is the radon dose during therapy?

Gastein Healing Gallery Therapy takes place at 5 therapy stations with increasing warmth and humidity. Average radon levels throughout the Healing Gallery are 44kBq/m³

A comparison of standard radiation exposure
Natural annual exposure2,5 mSv
CT of the spine5 - 10 mSv
X-ray of the spine, 2-stage2 mSv
10 - 12 sessions in the Healing Gallery1,8 - 2,2 mSv
Maximum permissible exposure for workers according to radiation protection laws20 mSv

What is therapy comprised of?

Gastein Healing Gallery Radon Therapy consists of a multi-modal treatment concept resting on five pillars – pain relief, exercise, lifestyle, education and medical expertise.

Effects of Healing Gallery Radon Therapy

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After being absorbed through the lungs and skin, the noble gas radon spreads rapidly throughout the body. Its decay products are deposited in the skin. In the process, mild alpha radiation is emitted. This stimulates the body’s own cell repair mechanisms and reduces the number of free radicals. The messenger substance TGF-beta, which promotes healing and reduces inflammation, is activated (Shehata, Schwarzmeier et al. 2006), with positive effects on bone metabolism in the face of inflammatory complaints (Moder et al. 2010). Movement of inflammatory cells through vessel walls is reduced (Harder et al. 2005).

The 3 impacting factors of Gastein Healing Gallery Therapy
Radon content44 kBq/m³
Heat37 - 41,5°C
Humidity70 - 100%

Pain Relief, Reduced Inflammation & Immune Stabilization

These processes combat chronic inflammation and allergies; an immunological balance is established within the body. Furthermore, neurotransmitter “Substance P” is inhibited (Bernatzky G, Graf AH et al., 1994). Simultaneously, release of beta-endorphins is boosted. This has a positive influence on serotonin metabolism. The mild hyperthermia within the Healing Gallery enhances the effects of the radon therapy. The result is long-lasting relief of pain conditions.

Numerous studies have documented the benefits of Gastein Healing Gallery Therapy:
Sustained pain relief (9 months on average)
Reduced need for medications for up to 1 year for complaints of the musculoskeletal system (Bechterev’s Disease)
Immune stabilization

Contact with our Team of Physicians

Icon Kurantrag Patientenservice FrauIf you have specific questions about the treatment effects and/or restrictions, or about risk stratification, please get in touch with the head of our medical team:

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